The 7th International Conference on Future of Women 2024

  • Feb 22 at 8:00AM – 6:00PM
  • VirtualBangkok
  • $530.00


Women and health, Maternity and Paternity leave, Constraints for single mothers Diversity in political representation, Women in power, politics, and decision-making Under-representation/misrepresentation of women in the media, movies, and literature Child Marriage and the Discrimination of the girl child Women and workplace, Gender Pay Gap, Glass ceiling and sticky floors Gender-based Violence, Women in armed conflict and Crisis Gender-based Cyber-Violence, and Misogynistic Online-Movements Human rights of women, Gender Equality and empowerment Masculinities, Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women, Education and training of women. Closing the Technology Gender Gap Sustainable development, natural resource management and the conservation of the environment Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: 19th October 2023 Early Bird Payment Deadline: 23rd November 2023 Full Paper Submission Deadline: 29th February 2024

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